Theatre set Design

“Sabine absorbs the audience with seamless scene transitions. At the same time, she carries the play by deriving a unique style out of the script.” At work Translating scripts into scene and costume transitions, Conception, Drawing, mood boards, creating models.

Costumes for Reindier music tour

Costumes for Reindier music tour

A mystical union of forest creatures. At work Costume designs and styling, laser cutting, pattern design and additional props. Previous Next REINDIER is the music project of musician Reinier van Harten.

Crash Test Dummy Suit

Custom made. At work Sketch design proposals, sticker designs, hand painting, costume design & construction and onset support. Previous Next Sabine collaborated with Dannyjevriend

Stage design TV series

A cosy modular studio design. At work Digital designs, quick rollable banners, flexible design, stylized furniture and props. Previous Next The show ‘heroes of then’ is distributed on the NTR platform. 

Styling a Virtual Reality Experience

Collaborate on a virtual reality set. At work Sketches and design proposal, clothing, set design and styling. Previous Next More details:

Ceramic Animals on the watch

With there own personalities, these animals will watch over you. At work Ceramics and Glaze Previous Next Made possible by atelier Henriette van Klinken.

Personal Photography

A tribute to time and love, the grandparents were looking at Sabine. At work Photography, Black and white negative processing and Black and white reversal processing.

Oyster Pail Lamp

Food leaves a box, the box lights a book. The Chinese takeout container shape inspired Sabine to build a lamp out of them. At work Conception, Drawings, material research and photography.

Underwater worlds

Underwater world ceramics

Dive into exotic varieties of forms and colours. At work The glass aquariums combine the worlds in which you can travel. Experiments of glaze and clay. Shapes inspired by anemones and corals.  Made possible by atelier Henriette van Klinken.

Various Ceramics

A collection of personal Terracotta, Figurines and Tableware. Swimming out of the wall Charaglazuuriidae – Middle America Oximeropidae – Northern Europe Pigmeropiae – Southern Africa Feathers collection Don’t look at me… Round organic shaped jewellery Leftovers Tooty fruities Airborne Crawling and floating creatures At work Conception, Slipware, Painting, Porcelain and Glazing. Previous Next Made possible […]